Savor Health is a knowledge-based personalized nutrition technology platform for people with cancer and other chronic medical conditions. Through InaTM, our “Intelligent Nutrition Assistant” chat bot, Savor Health provides personalized, clinically appropriate, and dynamic nutrition recommendations and support based on evidence-based science, the clinical best practices of oncology-credentialed medical professionals, and a patient’s unique conditions, needs and other important variables.

Our interactive platform supports patients and caregivers throughout the cancer journey improving clinical outcomes, reducing health system costs and empowering them to take back control. Licensed by healthcare enterprises, Savor Health’s technology seamlessly integrates with patient support, care management, and wellness platforms.

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How The Savor Health Technology Works

Cancer starves people of nutrition. We use nutrition to fight back.

Nutrition is one of the few things in life patients can control.  Our deep learning system uses the latest in evidence-based science and clinical best practices to design and recommend personalized nutrition solutions that meet cancer patients’ unique needs.

Help your patients, members and employees take control of their nutrition and stay strong in the fight against cancer!  How it works:

cancer diagnosis review

They Tell Us About The Patient

We evaluate their specific cancer diagnosis, other medical conditions, medications, side effects, energy level, support network, eating preferences and food allergies.

we evaluate their unique cancer nutrition needs

We Evaluate Their Unique Nutritional Needs

Using unique patient data and multi-layered databases, our proprietary technology identifies areas of need.

meal plan for cancer patients
And Provide Personalized Support and Advice

Our dynamic technology both answers direct questions and offers recommendations in real time. Each recommendation is designed to keep patients strong and minimize symptoms.

How We Help Cancer Patients And Caregivers

Savor Health began as a direct-to-consumer provider of individually customized meals for cancer patients. We found that 85% of patients and caregivers are frustrated with the absence of safe and evidence-based solutions that empower them with actionable information and resources to prevent and/or manage side effects, maintain a healthy weight, and be stronger for treatment and beyond. We created our personalized nutrition technology solution to meet these needs.

We know that many patients and their families still need the support of home delivered meals, menu/meal planning and counseling. For these families, we will continue to offer direct-to-consumer nutritional counseling, menu/meal planning and personalized meal delivery through a partnership with a high quality provider of organic, non-GMO home delivered meals. Savor Health works with patients and caregivers to identify unique needs, design the appropriate meal plan and facilitate home delivery of these meals. Our oncology-credentialed registered dietitians also provide one-on-one nutritional counseling and menu/meal planning.

We’re in the business of nourishing the body, mind and spirit of people with cancer.

Savor Health is proud to be part of Johnson & Johnson’s JLABS program and StartUp Health

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